It’s about sharing.

Sharing a meal with friends and family is special, and sharing the preparation can make that meal even more special. While our Upwork family can’t all sit down to a meal together, we can still connect with each other through our favorite recipes.


Fun, food, and friends. This is the creative foundation for London illustrator Tess Smith-Roberts, and her fun style is perfect for this. “I’ve always wanted to work on a cookbook,” she said, “and I was thrilled about drawing food, especially for so many recipes!”

When asked for one of her own memorable meals, Tess picked bucatini carbonara at a Florence restaurant on her first visit to Italy—“so creamy and delicious!”

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Cook It Up:
An Upwork

A Foreword from the
Kitchen of Hayden Brown,
Upwork CEO

I deeply treasure that time around the table with my kids and loved ones. In our household, our kitchen table is a gathering place to share a meal, enjoy each other’s company, reflect on the day and laugh together.

With ‘Cook It Up,’ our Upwork Family Belonging Community has assembled a wonderful collection of recipes that celebrate the rich diversity of cultures we represent at Upwork. I truly enjoyed the personal memories that connect these dishes to the team members who shared them. This is a fun, approachable and sometimes touching look behind the “work curtain” that’s helped me — and I hope will help you — get to know our team even better.

I invite you to take a moment to browse the stories and recipes when you are looking for inspiration, a new way to connect with your colleagues, or just want to try something new. Most of all, I invite you to participate in the celebration of food, family, and life found here in Cook It Up.